In the last decade, criminal and corporate law has undergone profound reforms in our country that significantly tighten the criminal liability regime of companies and their managers.

In this sense, we not only offer legal defense services and advice in criminal matters, but also what has come to be called Preventive Criminal Law, through the Criminal Prevention Programs for companies and managers or Corporate Defense.

At Jurand Lawyers we offer comprehensive planning and advice for companies, their administrators and senior managers aimed at a double benefit for our companies.

On the one hand, by protecting your company against possible criminal liability, consisting of the implementation of a Compliance Management System and Risk control that allows either an exemption or a mitigation of criminal liability.

On the other hand, by obtaining the UNE 19601 crime prevention certificate, as well as other certifications related to good governance, such as the ISO 37001 anti-bribery management certificate or the UNE-ISO 31000 risk management certificate.

Through these certificates, an official accreditation is obtained from the Spanish Association for Standardization that will serve your company in the face of the aforementioned exemption or mitigation of liability and, in addition, it will be extremely useful for commercial purposes, providing reliability, trust and commitment.

To achieve these goals, our professionals offer a multitude of related services, such as:

– A correct analysis of criminal risks. By identifying criminal risk activities in the different areas or departments of your company and in the decision-making process.

– The establishment of a series of Codes of conduct and internal action protocols, legally required if you want to comply with the requirements for exemption or mitigation of liability provided for in article 31 bis of our Penal Code.

– The establishment of the mandatory internal complaints channel. Through which the employees of the company can communicate irregular or unlawful behavior. From Jurand Lawyers and Tax Consultants, we offer the outsourced management service of this whistleblowing channel to guarantee that the data is anonymized, avoid conflicts of interest and thus communicate it to the Compliance team.

– Adequate advice for the complete implementation of the Compliance Management System, to the internal control team of the company, its monitoring, supervision and periodic updating.

At Jurand Lawyers we will be happy to advise you on this matter, specifying the risks that your company has in the criminal field and filling these gaps with a specific action plan for your corporation.

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