Corporate Law

Jurand’s Commercial Law area is characterized by the wide specialization and experience of its professionals in advisory operations and operational actions in the field of commercial companies, both nationally and internationally.

One of our main lines of action focuses on the family business and, specifically, on the preparation of the Family Protocol, so companies can establish mechanisms to avoid future conflicts in the management of the corporation and the family.

The study is accompanied by tax planning that allows reducing costs to the company, within the strictest legality.

Our services in Corporate Law:

  • Constitution of companies.
  • Advice to entrepreneurs and Start-up.
  • Agreements between partners.
  • Family protocol.
  • Negotiation in cases of separation and exclusion of partners.
  • Preparation and attendance at General Meetings.
  • Remuneration of administrators and tax implications of the dividend policy.
  • Capital increases, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Valuation of companies.

Specialist in Corporate Law