Criminal Law

In the Criminal Law area of ​​Jurand Lawyers we have a team specialized in criminal legal assistance. We are, in fact, experts in crimes against patrimony and against the socio-economic order, closely linked to civil liability (area of ​​Civil Law), crimes related to the Public Treasury (area of ​​Tax Law) and to companies (Commercial Law area).

In order to undertake a successful handling of this type of case, we have a large multidisciplinary team that can work on cases that require extensive and varied knowledge by combining various subjects from our areas of legal practice, since, increasingly, the cases that are presented are not exclusive to a single subject and require a knowledge of very diverse areas or specialties of Law.

In short, we offer services related to the following criminal types:

  •  Crimes against people, privacy and honor.
  • Scams and lifting of goods.
  • Punishable insolvencies.
  • Crimes against heritage and socioeconomic order.
  • Money laundering.
  • Environmental crimes.
  • Crimes against Industrial and Intellectual Property.
  • Tax Crimes and crimes against Social Security.
  • Crimes against worker’s rights.

Specialist in Criminal Law