International Taxation

As a multidisciplinary law firm, Jurand Lawyers is also characterized by its extensive experience in international operations, relating to both natural and legal persons.

Our team of tax consultants has specific training in international taxation, which allows us to offer tax advice to both national companies seeking internationalization and foreign companies wishing to operate in Spain.

At the level of groups of companies and related entities, we advise on the transfer pricing regime and the documentation obligations established by Spanish regulations.

Likewise, we provide advice regarding tax residence and optimization of taxes to professional persons who carry out their activity abroad and to workers of companies that are displaced abroad.

Our services in International taxation:

  • Advice on tax residence and residence conflicts.
  • Optimization and international tax management.
  • Indirect community and extra-community taxation.
  • Transfer Prices.
  • Planning and implementation of international corporate structures.
  • Information and advice on Agreements to Avoid Double Taxation.

Specialist in International Taxation