Labor Law

At Jurand Lawyers we offer you a Labor Law department that will study each matter in detail.

Having extensive experience in the field, representing both companies and workers, this firm provides a complete advisory and conflict resolution service.

We can therefore solve all the problems that arise between companies and workers due to the employment relationship.

We resolve the main issues that emanate in this area, referring to: layoffs, claims for money amounts, penalties, advice on contracting, changes to contract conditions, as well as other issues that may arise throughout the employment relationship.

In addition to advising on the various types of contracting, we provide a specialized service on the inclusion of contractual clauses for specific labor relations, which, whether due to the circumstances of the job or the company, require the inclusion of clauses designed ad hoc to have the correctly protected employment relationship.

Our team of lawyers acts in all areas, attending to both judicial and extrajudicial processes for conflict resolution.