Legal Tech

Given the scenario in which society is immersed as a result of the technological boom, it is necessary for firms or law firms with a clear innovative and disruptive profile that offers a letter of ultra-specialized services of digital law and emerging technologies in the context of specific industries, such as is the sanitary.

For this reason, Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios stands out from the usual tendency to solve these problems, preparing and training us to break in and cover the needs that have not yet been covered by any other firm specifically oriented to consulting.

Thus, we could say that our services are rather characteristic of a consultancy of excellence, thanks to the professionalism of the advisers and lawyers, professionals of public and private health law, business and technology law, technological criminal law and university professors and researchers. . In addition, there is a network of collaborators of professional IT experts, such as forensic experts, scientific researchers, philosophers, economists of the digital transformation or health economists, etc.

Cryptocurrencies and taxation.
Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios is committed to consulting services to individuals and small and medium-sized companies that are committed to the introduction of this form of payment as an element of competitive advantage. Jurand is presented as a benchmark tax law firm in the technological advice of the future of currencies; cryptocurrencies.

Technological Commercial Law.
Our firm provides legal advice on email marketing, collaborative economy platforms, digital commercial contracts, digital intellectual property, etc. Advice on Smart contracts.

Legal defense in Technological Law
Jurand Abogados y Consultores Tributarios provides legal defense in administrative litigation. Civil and criminal liability. We also work on online reputation, honor and privacy. We are specialists in technological criminal law and computer crimes. In addition, we provide legal defense regarding patents, trademarks, trade names, business secrets.

Our technology and business law services