Data Protection, Health and Technology

Jurand works as an external DPO (or external consultant on established DPO committees) on eHealth, DigFarm or Insurtech projects in the private and public sectors. She provides advice and consulting on ethics and data protection reports for ethics committees or others. Privacy by design reports are developed, and impact assessments (EIPD) are carried out as well as training (in company).
Each specific project will be supported by a team of qualified professionals assigned according to the specific needs required (lawyers, engineers, economists, etc.).

Failure to comply with the new European regulation can lead to up to 20 million penalties.

The regulations have been toughened and the compliance model has been modified where the proof of compliance is loaded on the person responsible for the treatment.

But there are not only problems of personal data consent management, but cybersecurity problems that have a direct impact on the administrative and criminal responsibility of the data controller.

Jurand with its complete multidisciplinary team will support all the needs of companies in the Digital Health Industry that are going to get on the train of digital transformation.