Public Law

Who has not had problems with the Public Administration at some point in their life? From traffic fines to building permits, inheritances, subsidies, etc. The contact of citizens with the Administration is constant throughout our lives.

On some occasions, the administration takes advantage of its position of strength vis-à-vis the administered to impose its position and it becomes necessary to face it. Other times, the administrative path is complex, and it is necessary to go hand in hand with a guide to avoid the pitfalls. In other cases, it is the Administration itself that requires advice to adjust its activity to the legal framework.

In the area of ​​administrative law, Jurand Lawyers takes care of managing all these procedures on behalf of our clients, seeking the defense of their interests and the protection of these and their rights.

On the one hand, we comprehensively pose customer requests, so that their request or approach is on track from the start. To do this, we previously analyze the possible conflicts that may arise, we propose possible ways to avoid them and we select the most beneficial way for our clients. With this anticipation, it is possible to reduce litigation and speed up procedures.

On the other hand, we carry out a continuous follow-up of the procedures, maintaining contact with the different Administrations to promote each of the affairs of our clients. In the meantime, we keep you informed of any relevant changes in the situation of your files and we ensure that they are running smoothly.

When the administration resolves a file, sometimes the client is not satisfied with the answer or it does not comply with the Law and it is necessary to appeal it. In the area of ​​Public Law, we resort to these resolutions through administrative channels, either by replacement or against administrative courts.

Mainly, the problems that come from this area derive from administrative processes, both general and sanctioning. However, we can help you with: files related to subsidies, forced expropriations, patrimonial responsibility of the administration, licenses and resources.

From the Jurand Administrative Law area we are at your disposition to help you with any procedure.

Specialist in Public Law