Contentious-Administrative Law

Contentious-Administrative Law is a specific area of ​​the law that requires a concrete study of matters, and in Jurand, we have professional lawyers who are capable of resolving your affairs with the Administration in this way.

Once the administrative process ends, it is sometimes necessary to seek judicial assistance to assert the rights of our clients. In Jurand’s Public Law area we have extensive experience in contentious-administrative procedures, both ordinary and abbreviated against the Contentious-Administrative Courts, the Central Contentious-Administrative Courts, the Superior Courts of Justice of the different autonomies, the contentious-administrative chamber of the National Court and the Supreme Court.

In the Administrative Law area of ​​this law firm, we take care of managing all these procedures on behalf of our clients, seeking the defense of their interests and the protection of these and their rights.

This area has a special relationship with the area of Tax Law, given that the contentious-administrative branch responds at the judicial level to all the procedures that have been managed in the Tax Law department and ensures their adjusted legality.

Mainly, the problems that emerge in this area derive from administrative processes, both general and punitive once the judicial process begins. In addition, we can help them with: files related to subsidies, forced expropriations, patrimonial responsibility of the administration, licenses and resources, all of them in court.

From Jurand’s Contentious-Administrative Law area we are at your disposition to help you with any procedure.