Tax Law Procedures

Jurand Lawyers has experience in handling a multitude of tax procedures, such as those that refer to verification, inspection or collection.

Our trajectory is marked by success in attending to the tax procedure from its beginning to its conclusion. In this way, our team analyzes each phase of the action and develops the most appropriate strategy to defend the interests of the client.

All the staff also have the training and experience necessary to go to the economic-administrative route, as well as the contentious-administrative route in those cases in which the Treasury has not estimated the claims of those affected.

We therefore offer comprehensive advice in the development of the tax procedure, representing your interests against the Treasury and in the Courts, when necessary.


Our services in Tax Consulting:

  • Attention to limited testing procedures.
  • Attention to data verification procedures.
  • Attention to inspection procedures.
  • Attention to collection procedures.
  • Filing of appeals for replacement and claims.
  • Filing of administrative contentious appeals.

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